Who viewed your Facebook profile

The truth about “Who viewed your Facebook profile” apps.

A facebook application can access your data only if you explicitly grant access to it.
The type of data that it can access depends on the rights you have granted (Wall posts, Likes, Personal Information etc.) and on the data that facebook makes available through its API – you can consult it here. If you don’t know what an API is .. well.. it’s like a keyboard from a piano. You can only play the musical notes that you have on the keyboard, nothing more. The API developed from facebook allows other applications to “sing notes” from facebook database, but in a very secure and limited way.

Facebook doesn’t make profile visitors public. Maybe they do such logging internally, but it’s for their own development purposes – and I don’t want to get into conspiracy theories – regardless of those, facebook would never expose such data; it is against your privacy. Think about it, it’s probably the most complex wide-spread software in terms of privacy settings, it would be very naive of them to expose such information to third-party applications. At least not for free 🙂

In short words, no app actually shows who visited your profile. No app can find out whose profile you viewed. I bet only few facebook employees can access that.

An application can only take into consideration the users you had most interactions with – comments, likes, mentions, tags, mutual friends – so that the results look credible.

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