What 2011 meant to me

To sum up, 2011 was a killing year for professional achievements and I may add some new life experiences as well.

I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science .. and pam-pam-pam.. I made it to a Master program in Business Management. There was a selection exam for whom I studied the whole summer a brand new science to me – Management. I now work at eaudeweb.ro and I am about to ship my first start-up, with all the legal papers and stuff :). Yes, I know, my schedule is very crowded 4 days per week – gym in the early morning, then work for 8 hours, then school for a couple more; yeah, I’m always on the road, but it’s fun!

I left the borders for the first time in my life, made that twice – in Bulgaria and in Italy, Rome. I traveled by plane for the first time (the take-off is awesome >.<)! I also reached my maximum weight so far in 2011 (not exactly a bad thing to me). I also tried learning German, but i didn’t get too far, I’ll have to postpone that sometime after finishing post-graduate classes.

I had less time for hanging out with friends and I met few, but valuable, new persons. Also, less time for hobbies, reading or exploring. Well, you can’t have it all, but you can think positive and value the best you can do. That’s my greeting for 2012. Find your values and have fun giving your best!