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Adjust Thread for using in-memory sqlite in tests

If you are using in memory sqlite database for running tests, as Django does, you will find trouble covering Python code that uses threading and reads or writes into the database in the thread routine.

zope: Changing i18n domain for any view

This is the result of researching for almost two days and coming up with a two-line solution.

Where is it inherited from?

When debugging in python, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out where to look for the definition of an instance method. It could be inherited from a more top level class in the inheritance tree, it may be a hook/patch or the result of acquisition.

Multiprocessor topology simulator

This is a python script that simulates time steps in the following pipeline multi-processor topology: We consider that a task needs to get from left to right or vice-versa. One task is described by the number of computations that need to be done on each level. The connections have limited transmission capacity (or throughput) per […]