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VLSI designs

Very Large Scale Integration is one wicked field to be studying in school. I find it very exotic to work with cmos and mask design for the layering process on the silicone waffle. Free downloads included of designs, microwind mask files and icarus verilog code.

My Solar light tracker

I was talking to you in a recent article about controlling pwm servos with Atmega. Well, I finally finished my project and I can show it to you.

Controlling two Futaba servo motors with Atmel ATmega16

I came across this subject while building my school project (a solar tracker). These are some interesting methods of programming hardware for a software-new-media guy like me and so I am very anxious to tell you all about it. Code available for free download.

Digic Review

This is a short presentation about the features and some technical insights of Canon Digital Imaging Core. Just synthesized information, nothing fancy without sound and gestures. Can’t wait to speak about cameras and probably do some live demos (did you know burst shots are way faster on a simple Canon Powershot if you remove the […]