Stop wasting time checking your email

Let me tell you how I managed to get rid of all that dead time checking my inbox (on Windows).

I once had a keyboard driver that allowed you to enter a POP3 email account and it would check for incoming emails for you. Once the inbox had a new message, the keyboard scroll lock started blinking.

I found something similar with even more handy features, including scroll-lock led blinking on new incoming emails: POP Peeper. You can enter as many email accounts as you wish (only tried pure POP3 accounts, but claims to be working with gmail, yahoo, aol etc.). You can download and open emails, reply, delete them from server, just like a regular email client. However I wouldn’t suggest using the compose feature (kind’of ruins html emails on forwarding) and you could disable downloading email content by default (only download headers, full email message including attachments will be downloaded when opened).