IcanView – Icanhascheezburger Reader

This is a small and fun Java application that extracts the latest posts on icanhascheezburger.com so you can easily browse them back and forward.

Note there are some issues as I do not have that good experience in java awt:

  • the layout may get ruined depending on the size/ratio of the picture
  • the images should have been cached by a thread. Some delay when cycling through them
  • the rss is not that nicely parsed

The source code and compiled classes are available in the Java archive file. You should run this directly if you have java runtime installed. Please let me know if you choose to continue developing the app.

Free Download: zip IcanView app (6.17 KB, zip) - A java archive with a tiny browser of the icanhascheezburger.com feed attachments. Compiled classes and source included. Please firstly extract the zip file. 777 downloads