HTC ChaCha Secret Keyboard Shortcuts

As far as I searched the internet and the HTC ChaCha manual, it seems there are a few keyboard shortcuts I have discovered on ChaCha that are not documented anywhere. Here they are.

If you are here for the Keyboard QuickLaunch / Shortcuts problem: The shortcuts are Search+S, Search+G, and could trigger if you are touching the Search touch button while writing messages. You can as well disable these shortcuts here: Settings-Applications-Quick launch.

Now back to the subject ..

  1. Fn + Left or Right Arrow – equivalent of Home or End key on a PC keyboard (jump to start or end of line). And by “+” I mean holding the Function key pressed and then tapping arrow once. I think you may also only tap Fn once before arrow key.
  2. Fn + Up or Down Arrow – equivalent of Ctrl+Home / Ctrl+End on a PC keyboard (jump to start or end of document).
  3. Fn + Del erases your whole line. That’s the equivalent of Shift+Home and the Del/Backspace on a PC.
  4. You can hold Shift key down while defining your text selection using the directional Arrow keys. However, I don’t see how you can cut/copy the text, but you can erase them with Del key.

Anyone got a hint on how you can cut/copy the selected text using the method explained at 4.?

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  • chachalover

    I know how to do the copy paste. You click the text for a few seconds and drag the cursor till it highlights all the text you want to copy and there should be a little box above the text saying copy or cut. Then go to where you want to paste it and tap the place for a few seconds. Then the box should come up saying paste. Sorry if that didn’t make sense. I’m just a 12 year old 😛

    • Mihnea Simian

      Hello chachalover! When I were 12 I barely knew how to turn on a PC 🙂
      It’s correct what you said, that’s the way I copy paste too, but I was wondering if there is a faster way of copy-pasting only using the physical keyboard. (since you can select the text only by using the qwerty keyboard).
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • DanshuP

        You can select the txt using the touch screen too 
        Mihnea Simian.

        by long pressing the word 😛 🙂 P.s. even i’m just 15 😛

    • tsfardea

      I have the same question as Mihnea..

  • Fruie98

    How do you activate the voice dialler on the key board I can see a mic and I’ve done it sometimes but I don’t know hoiw

    • Mihnea Simian

      That happened to me too. 🙁 I remember it was working (just as it says in the manual – hold the Tab key pressed), but now it keeps acting as “*” key.
      You can access Applications – Voice Dialer.

  • Anonymous

    I read on several places that “the Android way” of cut/copy and paste is using the Menu key: Menu+X/C/P for cut/copy/paste … has anyone tried that?

    • Mihnea Simian

      Good idea, but it doesn’t work. Tried in Messages and an app (AK Notepad)

      • Anonymous

        So is selecting with the keyboard completely useless, or can you still do cut/copy/paste using the touchscreen once you have selected using the keyboard?

        • Mihnea Simian

          Useless (almost, you can delete the selected text with Del key). Unless there’s another way..

      • Robbie Rivera

        Just tried this. Menu + X/C/P WORKS on my HTC ChaCha (v 2.3.5, with ROM 1.54.401.2).
        Thanks, TheUnnamedOne!

        Decided to check if it will work without my “Russian Keyboard” app turned off. It doesn’t. So basically you can just download it and use it in English mode and you’ll have the same keyboard your device is having. Uploaded it here:

        To Enable, use the Settings – Language and Keyboard – [Place a check-box]. Then goto any text field, long-tap it, choose Input method – Russian Keyboard.

        Hope that helps anyone.

  • verondicap

    A new trick how to take a screenshot on HTC chacha press home while holding end call button.

    • Mihnea Simian

      Thanks! Also works with Power button + home

      • jaazi

        where is the home button ?

    • Bashar_abdallah

      thanks , i need it and ur way is working 100% .

  • YourFace

    How do i get my HTC cha cha to stop doing shortcuts when i’m writing messages? It’s really irritating especially as i can’t use the letters S and G without it doing a shortcut??

    • Mihnea Simian

      The shortcuts are Search+S, Search+G, are you sure you are not touching the Search touch button while texting? You can as well disable these shortcuts here: Settings-Applications-Quick launch

      • Georgia

        thank you that really helped it happent to my phone on all my keys :/ :/

      • Aia Hani_eldesouky

         thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank verrrry much I would sell my phone because of this problem 😀

      • Hsha69

        ThanX…it really helped

      • Emma Hodges

        Thank you so so so much!!!!  I couldnt figure it out anywhere!  Thank you again 🙂

  • Roshan Felix

    How to put silent mode in htc chacha

    • Mihnea Simian

      There’s a volume button on the left edge of the phone, just next to the screen. Tap downwards for Mute and once more for Vibration.

  • Alireza Yahyaie

    all of you said anything about main question of this comment! is there any person to answer HOW TO COPY AND PAST WITH PHYSICAL KEYBOARD?

    • DanshuP

      As i’ve said,
      by long pressing the word.
      As in if You keep your Finger on top of an word for a second or two, it will pop up 3 options, select all, copy,paste. You Can then select the portion you need to copy by dragging the pointers, you’ll understand what I mean When You Actually Do it 🙂

      • Mihnea Simian

        DanshuP, we know that. But we want to do it WITH PHYSICAL KEYBOARD not by touching the screen! (it’s too slow – physical qwerty keyboard is always faster)

  • AnnoyedPerson

    Please can someone tell me how to DISABLE voice dialler. My phone does this strange thing where, usually, if i have my earphones in and i put my phone on lock, it’ll pause my music and start listening to me for voice dialler. I didn’t even press anything. Its seriously frustrating me.

  • Shinyong

    What is the keyboard shortcut to change between input language with my HTCchacha please?

    • Mihnea Simian

      Not sure about this, but try fn+space.

  • soda xoxo

    HeLP ! My volume button onthe side wont work. I cant turn up the volume up only down now i cant hear people talking on the phone. I have to put them on speaker and that still is verry quiet ! Iv been through the settings and i can only turn up the ringing volume . Can anyone help?

    • Mihnea Simian

      I think the only solution to this is resetting the phone to factory settings and then never ever set your volume down.

  • awieauto

    hello,i have facing this problem also,what i have to do to clear this problem,first of all follow the instruction setting–application–quick lunch…at this stage u can seen the number that assg somethings like g-google…u just push at button g for the moment and the will pop up msg to clear this setting..then just click yes..yr phone will be normal setting …

  • kisha

    It would make my life much easier if I knew how to cut, copy and past using the PHYSICAL KEYBOARD.
    I know you can do it by tapping, three options appear..I am doing that now. But someone plz find out a better way.

  • Sanim

    Any on screen keyboard doesnt show up even after setting up as default, please help if u have any idea

  • abobo

    press keyboar 112 to enter without swap the “Cirle”

  • azhar

    htc chacha keypet light on?

  • azhar

    for help me

  • azhar

    ast help me

  • azeem

    i keybord buttons light…plese reply me

  • Farooq

    any one help me to write sms in counting like 1234567890 ..