Copenhagen Experience – Part 2

Despite all the warnings, I made it quite fine throughout the Scandinavian winter. I never stopped cycling, nor did the Danes stop surprising me. This is my second and probably final part of this series. (first one here)

While the first article was focused on the pragmatical, practical side of the trip, I will now dive into story telling only. It’s been a couple of months since I came back from Copenhagen, so I kind’of lost some details, but I still have the beautiful memories of this place.

The map of Copenhagen will not look the same. They are building a new subway for 2018, and they’re already covering a part of the Sortedams Sø (“sø” = lake). People have a very fine view for jogging here or simply drinking a beer on the benches. There are three big rectangular lakes in the middle of downtown Copenhagen. You can feel the fresh air and feed the various birds (which I find to be very rare for where I come from).


All of Copenhagen has become a big building site, but the Danes don’t hesitate to make it their way, usually fun and creative Not far from the lakes it’s Kongens Nytorv, now a building site restricting the access to the actual King’s square park. But on the site you’ll find a young outside-of-the box artist exposing his or her works, each week a different one.

And if you think the colorful houses in Nyhavn are emblematic for Denmark, then take a look to a small common street next to Trianglen, called Olufsvej. Unfortunately I didn’t find the time to get proper pictures from the site (I only saw it from my bike and took a picture in a hurry from the bus when leaving to the airport). If anyone passes by, please do take a proper picture and email me 🙂


And then there’s the hip bars. Bars with dressed stuffed animals. Bars with framed iPads. Bars with disco-balls and water fountains inside the restrooms. Don’t miss checking out Café BankeråtCafé Retro is a cheap non-profit bar, where usually students stop by to play cards or listen to a live unknown band. Always stop for a cortado in one of the many Baresso-s. Grab something sweet or the awesome 40-Kr big bread from one of the Meyers Bageri. They are expensive, but extremely tasty.

If you hit for the parks, try the Charlottenlund Slotspark or better, go South in Frederiksberg and also plan yourself a trip to Carlsberg Museum – it’s a must. The girls will enjoy petting the horses, while guys can dive deep into the technical or historical side of the story. The ticket is 70Kr and includes two beers. Remember, a beer in downtown is 40-50 Kr, so the ticket is a good value. The shop has nice quality Carlsberg-branded items.



The museum features the world record of number of unopened distinct beer bottles – 20.001 ! It’s the largest beer collection.



Words are useless. Copenhagen, I will never forget you.


And bonus – a clip I made while cycling to work: