Cool terminal – Tilda

This is a drop-down terminal that can save you time when switching from debug console to application instance.

While working on a local development server, I find it very handy to press F1 to quickly show the console, instead of Alt+Tabbing from browser to gnome-terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install tilda
$ tilda &

Press F1 to show/hide.

  • Mihai Maruseac

    Actually, I prefer to use Guake[1], it is a lot faster than tilda or yakuake and it has some features lacking in other terminal emulators. Now, if only I could make it behave like terminator on some key presses and if I can add some other cool features… But I’m getting offtopic, I wanted only to suggest trying guake too.


    • Mihnea Simian

      Looks wicked, I’ll give it a try, thanks!