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Instagram Crash Course Part 1 – Hashtags demystified

A hashtag is a suggestive name for a collection, or an album where anyone can add one or more of their works just by using that hashtag in their description. Given this collaborative nature, no one “owns” a hashtag or has the ability to curate it.

Viral factor

I had to share this with you. It’s a page from Programming Javascript Applications by Eric Elliot.

Best mobile personal finance app

On my quest to finding the best personal finance mobile application.

Who viewed your Facebook profile

The truth about “Who viewed your Facebook profile” apps.

Onkeyup ajax call speed trap

This is one good practice in using events on keyup event (when a key is released when user types in a form field). If the event is making an ajax request, this could lower the number of requests made to your web server.

This is not a post about Twitter-etiquette

Let’s take a look at 10 easy steps how to properly behave on Twitter. Get this right and you might dramatically increase your followers!

Scrolling to page element in JavaScript

One major issue i found in user experience is putting focus onto a new area, popped out almost out of nowhere, without bulling the user, but in the mean time letting him now an event occurred.

Newsletter form security

I came along a simple django app for an opt-in/opt-out newsletter with a csv export feature in admin, nothing fancy.

Your online id manager

What if I told you there is an online app that you can use to manage all your current and upcoming service accounts, and by this I mean services like twitter, facebook, linkedin, digg, etc., services that store personal information like name, age, location, avatar, login credentials.

IcanView – Icanhascheezburger Reader

This is a small and fun Java application that extracts the latest posts on so you can easily browse them back and forward.