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Instagram Crash Course Part 1 – Hashtags demystified

A hashtag is a suggestive name for a collection, or an album where anyone can add one or more of their works just by using that hashtag in their description. Given this collaborative nature, no one “owns” a hashtag or has the ability to curate it.

Portraits taken with Zenit-E

One of my favourite film cameras is Zenit-E TTL. It features a 50 mm lens with great depth of field for close up portraits. I’m sorry I did not shoot more portraits with it, cause this baby rocks!

Minimalism and everyday-use objects in photography

Most astonishing images communicate using few and basic shapes. The more usual the subject is, the more impact for the viewer. Most of these images are used in marketing – remember the Axe nuts print by Lowe? I have searched through my galleries and found a few shots that can illustrate this type of images.

Graduation photos

Do you know the scene when the fresh graduates through their hats? Well, i got one on the camera and i am quite happy about it. And no, it is not my graduation.

Scale cars photo session

I really enjoy shooting miniature objects in lightbox. The details are very sharp, increasing the perception of size. This time I used scale cars; small resolution previews and some full size available for free download.

Digic Review

This is a short presentation about the features and some technical insights of Canon Digital Imaging Core. Just synthesized information, nothing fancy without sound and gestures. Can’t wait to speak about cameras and probably do some live demos (did you know burst shots are way faster on a simple Canon Powershot if you remove the […]