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Controlling two Futaba servo motors with Atmel ATmega16

I came across this subject while building my school project (a solar tracker). These are some interesting methods of programming hardware for a software-new-media guy like me and so I am very anxious to tell you all about it. Code available for free download.

Approximating large sparse matrix multiplication

This is an year old presentation. Interesting theme with doubtful results. Please use the first link in the final slide for more accurate info on the theme. The presentation is rather funny and synthetic so that you can just grasp the basic concept.

Multiprocessor topology simulator

This is a python script that simulates time steps in the following pipeline multi-processor topology: We consider that a task needs to get from left to right or vice-versa. One task is described by the number of computations that need to be done on each level. The connections have limited transmission capacity (or throughput) per […]