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Can I create classes that inherit Model classes in Django?

Yes, you can, and that is the correct way to separate extra custom logic, while still having access to specific model methods like initializer, filters, getters and save().

This is not a post about Twitter-etiquette

Let’s take a look at 10 easy steps how to properly behave on Twitter. Get this right and you might dramatically increase your followers!

Scrolling to page element in JavaScript

One major issue i found in user experience is putting focus onto a new area, popped out almost out of nowhere, without bulling the user, but in the mean time letting him now an event occurred.

VLSI designs

Very Large Scale Integration is one wicked field to be studying in school. I find it very exotic to work with cmos and mask design for the layering process on the silicone waffle. Free downloads included of designs, microwind mask files and icarus verilog code.

Where is it inherited from?

When debugging in python, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out where to look for the definition of an instance method. It could be inherited from a more top level class in the inheritance tree, it may be a hook/patch or the result of acquisition.

Storing serialized object in a Django model field

This is a personal solution to the fore stated problem. I wanted to keep a syndicated data (dictionary) in a text column, no ordering or filtering operations needed, just bare storage. I am going to override both constructor and save() method to sync the record with an object property, holding the data. The code is […]

Newsletter form security

I came along a simple django app for an opt-in/opt-out newsletter with a csv export feature in admin, nothing fancy.

Stop wasting time checking your email

Let me tell you how I managed to get rid of all that dead time checking my inbox (on Windows).

Javascript issues in Internet Explorer

Behaviour: Object doesn’t support this property or method.


Have you ever noticed how girls’ mood in doing something depends whether they know what to wear?