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Who viewed your Facebook profile

The truth about “Who viewed your Facebook profile” apps.

How to remove Wikipedia SOPA Blackout

I’m a supporter of Wikipedia. I use their data and I think it’s a great project (especially since it’s non-profit!) and I advise you to make a tiny donation once a year, every cent counts!. But anyway, since you’re here and you’re an honest user, I want to show you a quick trick to escape […]

zope: Changing i18n domain for any view

This is the result of researching for almost two days and coming up with a two-line solution.

Cool terminal – Tilda

This is a drop-down terminal that can save you time when switching from debug console to application instance.

What 2011 meant to me

To sum up, 2011 was a killing year for professional achievements and I may add some new life experiences as well.

Zenburn color theme for gnome-terminal

I am actually quoting ynef on I am not very confident on information availability in forums, so I’d rather mention and copy it here.

HTC ChaCha Secret Keyboard Shortcuts

As far as I searched the internet and the HTC ChaCha manual, it seems there are a few keyboard shortcuts I have discovered on ChaCha that are not documented anywhere. Here they are.

Funny ad placement fail

I don’t think someone ever thought about targeting drivers looking in the reverse mirrors.

Test object from ZODB is broken in Zope

All you Zopers out there, this is how you can test, in code, whether an object from database is broken or not:

Onkeyup ajax call speed trap

This is one good practice in using events on keyup event (when a key is released when user types in a form field). If the event is making an ajax request, this could lower the number of requests made to your web server.