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Instagram Crash Course Part 1 – Hashtags demystified

A hashtag is a suggestive name for a collection, or an album where anyone can add one or more of their works just by using that hashtag in their description. Given this collaborative nature, no one “owns” a hashtag or has the ability to curate it.

How to remove hvac interior blower VW Polo 6R

The interior blower is the one keeping us cold when it’s hot.. and, you guessed, warm when it’s cold.

Viral factor

I had to share this with you. It’s a page from Programming Javascript Applications by Eric Elliot.

Adjust Thread for using in-memory sqlite in tests

If you are using in memory sqlite database for running tests, as Django does, you will find trouble covering Python code that uses threading and reads or writes into the database in the thread routine.

Best mobile personal finance app

On my quest to finding the best personal finance mobile application.

Copenhagen Experience – Part 2

Despite all the warnings, I made it quite fine throughout the Scandinavian winter. I never stopped cycling, nor did the Danes stop surprising me. This is my second and probably final part of this series. (first one here)

Public Transportation in Bucharest, 1968

Hey, look what I found! These are the maps of the public transportation (by day and by night) in Bucharest, Romania, 1968. This is only surface transportation – the metro opened in 1979.

Copenhagen Experience – Part 1

København It is difficult to summarize life in Copenhagen as a local, or should I probably call it København? It’s about healthy habits, protecting the surroundings, keeping everything neat and in place, staying fit and cycling to work, traditions, education and generosity – in one expensive place to live in. It is about trusting the authorities […]

My inguinal hernia recovery

This September I discovered I have an inguinal hernia and got it fixed right away. These are my impressions for anyone getting ready or recovering after one. Hernia seems to be a proof that a man’s body isn’t perfect. A man is 25 times more likely to suffer a hernia than a woman.

Path of lost file – ZODB Blobstorage

I had a task the other day of finding out the disk path of a broken blob file. I am using Zope2.12.23 with ZODB 3.9.7, python 2.6.